How a mackeeper can help you

posted on 07 Feb 2013 10:55 by mackeeperreview
mackeeper reviewMackeeper is a file maintenance suite. It is a little like a Mac cleaner, except for that it has more uses. It has 16 tools for security, optimization and cleanup of the Mac OS. Its aim is to make your Mac secure, reliable, maintain its speed and clean its files. It comprises of a bunch of system utilities that perform different routine tasks to maintain your Mac. It has a good customer support network and aims to combine many apps into one.

MacKeeper can help you if your Mac has been stolen. How? Mackeeper has anti-theft service. To enable the anti-theft service, you need to have MacKeeper installed on your system and log in to your MacKeeper account. Once you have logged in, you can enable the anti-theft service. Once, the service has been started, every time your Mac goes online, its location is tracked and logged by the MacKeeper server. If your Mac is stolen, you log in to your MacKeeper account's anti-theft service and report it as stolen. The next time, your Mac goes online, its location is noted and a representative will call you with the exact details which you can update the cops with. They will also send you all these details in a mail and you can home in on your mac. A mackeeper review can really help you understand more about mackeepr.

The amazing Mackeeper - Read MacKeeper to Know more

posted on 19 Jan 2013 22:38 by mackeeperreview
mackeeper reviewHow well do you know about Mackeeper? if you only know a simple thing like it is a system for the security, optimization and cleanup of your Mac os, this may be right but this is not all yet. If you want to get more info about it before you get one, for starters, MacKeeper was developed by a company called Zeobit LLC to provide a much better security for Mac Os. If you happen to notice, the latest version of MacKeeper today is the MacKeepr 2.0 which was released in January 2012. This is now the third version of MacKeeper. The first beta-version was released in May 2010, which is called the MacKeeper 0.8. And only a few months after its first release, it was immediately followed by the release of the second version called the MacKeeper 1.0 - 911.

Have you ever thought what makes the latest version an in demand utility protection? Simple, this is because MacKeeper 2.0 boasts 16 features to make protection of Mac Os more sophisticated. So if you now have some idea about MacKeeper, you can decide on getting one. But before purchasing MacKeeper, you can search for websites first where you can read MacKeeper reviews. This way, you will also know the performance of MacKeeper to customers who have already tried the product. Reading a Mackeeper review will not hurt you or waste your time, it will only spare you just a couple of minutes which can be beneficial especial in your plan of getting a Mackeeper.